Saturday, January 12, 2013

#13163 of 13587: lakrfool (LF) on Jan 11 '13 at (07:42:29 PM) 

    #13152 of 13152: EricT (Eric) on Jan 11 '13 at (06:54:20

    I love LF like a brother. But I gotta tell you, if we made
    it to a meet up together I'd be hard pressed not to organize
    a plan to hold him down and fold his penis a time or

    Funny story.

    There was a certain evening in SF where I met a gal at a
    pub, who was quite amorous, & we took the block & 1/2 stroll
    back to my place.

    We tumbled on my bed, & after about 30 seconds of violent
    mashing she was safecracking my jeans, & once she dialed in
    the code, she went to town.

    An epic BJ...slobbering with full hand action & twisting of
    the mouth on different angles. She knew her dicks, that was
    for sure. So of course after about a minute of this
    treatment, like any dude that doesn't have a Van Nuys area
    code, I blasted. I was drunk, but I wasn't THAT drunk, she
    had just played Fur Elise on my beef whistle, & got a
    standing ovation.

    Now here I was, the buzz of many beers & an epic orgasm
    floating through me, & this gal is leering at me for more. I
    knew I didn't have another one in me, but I felt obligated
    to try. I pushed her over & diddled her for the required
    amount of time when I get the salute from LF Jr that we
    we're good to go. Message not received.

    I had what I like to call a "medium bendable." We weren't
    ready for action, but we were doing tired calisthenics. She
    was no virgin, so she could receive a Summer sausage if

    Bottom line, I folded my cock in half & jammed it into that
    slathery mess. She moaned I kept at it. But as
    my boner unfolded, the sex became impossible, & when I put
    my half-mast self into that canyon, there wasn't enough
    friction to keep Junior alive...that whore...totally her

    So she left unsatisfied. & I went into the living room &
    played PGA Tour Golf with my roomates & smoked bowls.


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