Saturday, January 12, 2013

#6255 of 20000: lakrfool (LF) on Sep 20 '12 at (11:37:23 AM) 

    So last night I was polishing off some machaca I had made
    over the weekend, making soft tacos with refrieds, pico & a
    shot of Tapatio. I was thinking as I ate my fifth or sixth
    one that this was going to make for quite the bowel movement


    I just felt this convulsion in my bowel, the kind that
    screams "SHIT! NOW!!" As I walked to the boy's room &
    gravity started kicking in, I could tell this was going to
    be a savage dump. So savage in fact, that I took the
    elevator to another random floor to use it's facilities. I
    just started working here, & I don't care to be referred to
    as "that guy that putrified the men's room," thank you very

    After much butt clenching in the elevator, I arrived at the
    mystery stall, dropped trousers, & commenced with the fury.
    After a barrage of deafening sharts, the Sonoran steamer
    broke for freedom & snaked its way around the bowl. I think
    I shed a tear of joy when it finally broke off. Easily in my
    Top 10 of all time.

    And I was wise to go to another floor. There is a HAZMAT
    team in the front of the building. I'm sure somebody on that
    floor called 911 to report a toxic explosion.

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