Saturday, January 12, 2013

#4394 of 13587: lakrfool (LF) on Dec 06 '12 at (03:41:25 PM) 

    The most savage handie I ever got was from a drunk blonde
    one night. It was the classic “you’re too drunk to drive, I
    will drive you home in your car” (then I will have dirty
    sex with you until you pass out.) So we get in the car, &
    we’re not out of the lot & she is already leaning over
    rubbing my tool. She was wearing a skirt, so I wasted no
    time reciprocating with the non-driving hand. After 5
    minutes of the clumsy foreplay, we were at her apartment, &
    she ripped into my jeans as soon as I stopped the car, I
    leaned the seat back anticipating a beej, be she unsheathed
    my unit & put a death grip on it.

    Now, I can appreciate some pain with the pleasure, but this
    chick was out of hand…she seemed determined to test the
    tensile strength of my penis before it would snap in half.
    I’m sure Richard Petty’s stick shift in the Daytona 500
    could sympathize with what I was enduring here. The purple
    helmet was deemed to explode if I didn’t intervene at some
    point. Being the guy that I am, I afforded her every
    opportunity to lighten up, but it was not meant to be. Part
    of me wondered if she had ever done this before, & she took
    ‘jerking off’ & ‘beating off’ literally.

    I didn’t have a white flag to wave, so I grabbed her by the
    wrist in a manner that let her know there would be no more
    roughhousing. She asked me “pleeeeease” to come in her
    apartment, & while I thought that this could be a freaky
    adventure, & I could get revenge by hammering on the floor
    into the corner of her bedroom, only to leave her weeping in
    a puddle of her own leavings, I wasn’t going to risk it.
    She had failed the first test, & she was out…RESPECT THE

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