Saturday, January 12, 2013

#3019 of 13587: lakrfool (LF) on Dec 01 '12 at (01:43:43 AM) 

    So I'm back home, pouring myself a glass of juice in the
    kitchen during the half, when my elderly Mom had just gotten
    off the phone with her sister, who lives by the farm they
    grew up on. She came into the kitchen, & here's how the
    conversation went:

    MOM: Awww, I just found out that the first love of my life
    died this week
    ME: I'm sorry.
    MOM: Yeah, he died of complications with lungs.
    ME: That's too bad.
    MOM: Yes, but he was getting on in his years, & his health
    had been poor for a while.
    ME: I guess so...what was his name?
    MOM: *sighs* Aww...sweet little Jimmy Dick.

    I was standing in front of her, & it was all I could muster
    not to do a cranberry juice spit-take right in her face,
    much less not laugh at all. Jeezis.

    Sweet little Jimmy Dick. 

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